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Bikes, Gear available and costs

  • 3 x Ducati Sport Classic 1000's @ R2000.00 each  -  View bike details »
  • 3 x Ducati Monster 600's @ R1500.00 each  -  View bike details »
  • Suits, Gloves, Boots and Helmets are available at a cost of R500.00 for a complete set


    1. The only requirement we have is that the person can competently handle a motorcycle.
    2. We do not train people who don't know how to ride at all.
    3. We do not require you to have a learners or bike license as all training takes place on the track.
    4. We would prefer for people to use their own gear when possible.

    ** Cost for dropping bike:
    Damages will be deducted on a pro-rata basis with a maximum deduction of R4000.00 from credit card

In order to book your spot in this experience, click here

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